Don’t cave to peer pressure

Just because everyone does something doesn’t mean it’s the right thing.  Just because everyone likes something doesn’t mean you will like it.  Just because everyone is chasing after something doesn’t mean that you should as well.

At the end of the day, you need to make conscious choices to create a life of meaning and fulfillment (and thus happiness) for yourself.  If this means you swim against the current, then so be it.  To the extent that the “nail that sticks out gets hammered down” saying applies, pretend to be one of those humble lowly nails and keep doing your own thing without broadcasting it to anyone else.

Application today: promotions were announced and a group of folks went out drinking to celebrate.  However, since I don’t drink, dislike bars, and didn’t want to expose myself to triggers that would result in deviating from good habits (e.g. downstream effects of going to sleep late, eating unhealthy bar food, etc.), I decided to go to yoga instead.  And was much much happier (and healthier) as a result.

Simplified: remember the lesson you should have learned in middle school/high school–don’t cave to peer pressure.  Be contrary.  If people can’t accept your lifestyle choices and keep pressuring you to conform, they aren’t worth letting in your life to begin with.

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