Found Things

This week on the Internet I…

…heard an old Mozart sonata on the radio and remembered the dear friend who used to play it for me in middle school

…thought about how organizations could introduce more distributed processing and antifragility into their operations after reading this Farnam Street post about the brain

…discovered that Neil Gaiman (one of my favorite authors) writes his books by hand!

…put this book, Stilgoe’s Outside Lies Magic [public library] on my reading list–the author is a Harvard professor who teaches how to really see the magical details of the ordinary world

…was touched by these love letters between Rachel Carson and Dorothy Freeman.  There are more forms of platonic love in relationships than modern society recognizes and encourages.  Those loves might fill empty niches in one’s inner world.  Experiment for life: find and cultivate a platonic love relationship with a friend where I could experience the depth of feeling that fuels love letter exchanges like this.

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