Found Things

This week on the Internet I…

…loved these whimsical little balsa wood worlds in glass jars

…was reminded of childhood and how much I loved Brian Jacques’s Redwall series [public library] when I came across this chronology.  I need to reread the series again.  As an adult, the plot might seem more formulaic and oversimplified/idealistic, but I might also have a better appreciation for all of the poetry and cute little ditties Jacques wove into the stories.

…added fuel to a daydream/possible (but unlikely) future of living in Japan with this charming post about a house in the countryside

…spent time thinking and brainstorming about the work pact (why am I working now?  What factors am I maximizing and minimizing for?  How will this change in a few years?)

…drooled over this patisserie’s pistachio Paris-Brest.  It might be the kind of thing that tastes better in one’s imagination than in real life, but at least one can dream…

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