There is no right time, so stop waffling and just do it now

There is no right time, so stop waffling and just do it now.

You might not be ready yet, but what’s the worst that could happen?  Barring some life/limb-threatening consequence, better to jump now and deal with the fallout as it comes.  Fortune favors the bold.

What if you look stupid?  Then accept that you look stupid and do it.  If you worry about this, you need to learn more lessons in humility.  Hence more reason to act even when unsure.

What if people are offended?  If you care too much about social approval and the opinions of others, you’ll never be able to achieve peace of mind, much less happiness.  Perhaps if you care too much about social approval you should purposefully do things to stand out and offend people.  Be different on purpose.  Step over the damn line.  Self-expression and freedom to pursue the things you deem important (not society, not your friends, not your parents, not your social media followers, but YOU) is what you should really care about.  Don’t wait for permission.  You give yourself permission.  Just do it.  Yesterday is better than today, and now is better than later (or never).

Need more motivation?  Think back to all of those times when you hesitated and the opportunity passed.  Think of the bitterness your regret.  Think of the promises you made to yourself (never again!).  Think of the jealousy or envy or admiration and fire and competitive spirit for those who DID take action.  Now do it.

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